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How Smyths Toys revolutionized their recruitment strategy  with few resources and aligned with modern trends

Find out how Smyths Toys uses kroot to search for applicants and ensure an increase in the number of qualitative applications received.  

Kunden Case_Bilder_Smythstoys-05-05.png


Smyths Toys Germany AG & Co. KG

Founded in Ireland more than thirty years ago, the family business is now a market leader in Europe with more than 200 locations in Ireland, England and the DACH region. 



retail in the area

Toys, outdoor, multimedia and baby 



Problem Description

  • No own social media accounts for the personnel search

  • ​ Little experience in social media recruiting

  • Relatively too few applications received via "classic" recruitment channels for certain professional groups
    > This includes job offers in the area: sales, checkout, warehouse | Online Marketing (SEO, Social Media, Copywriter) |     
       Management, customer service 


  • Morequalitativeapplicant

  • Know-howin the area of social media recruiting

  • Professional and continuous social media recruiting presence withlow use of resources
    (money, time & staff)

  • interdepartmentaluse

audience calculation(targeting)
using the example of Smyths Toys:

Kunden Case_Bilder_Smythstoys-04.png

The use of social media when looking for employees has the advantage that the target group of applicants is picked up exactly where they are on the go every day.

With 4.2 billion social media users worldwide, the social networks offer enormous potential for the search for suitable applicant candidates.

The unbeatable advantage of personnel searches via Facebook, Instagram & Co. is the enormous amount of data that is available through the users' social media profiles. In this way, the right applicant candidates can be reached in a very targeted manner with little wastage.

Clearly, the potential is there, but what do you have to pay attention to in order to successfully address qualitative applicants on the social networks and to achieve desired goals. 


Whether product advertising or personnel search - it requires experience and know-how to reach the right target group via social media.

kroot has specialized in recruiting and is an expert in this area. The optimal target group calculation is therefore quick and easy via kroot.

When looking for sales staff, Smythstoys kroot provides the following information to create a basis for the target group calculation:

The job title, the employment type, the job category and the region in which the potential applicant candidates are to be reached. Everything else is done by kroot.

With every job advertisement that is placed, kroot learns something new and becomes better able to reach suitable applicant candidates from day to day. But the target group calculation alone is not everything for a successful job search on social media. The text and image design is at least as important. After all, the image is the first thing that draws the attention of your target group. Smyths Toys is leading by example.

layoutjob ad
using Smythstoys as an example

Kunden Case_Bilder_Smythstoys_ZeichenflÀche 1 Kopie.png

Smythstoys ensures that it is clear at first glance what and who it is.

text box

The dominant part in the picture is thetext box. This is the first thing that catches the eye.

"Become part of our team"

It's immediately clear that Smythstoys is looking for staff. You also feel like you've been picked up, because who doesn't like being part of a team!

"SEO / SEM Specialist m/f/d in online marketing"

At second glance, you can immediately see which job offer it is. So we have already covered the most important part in two looks.

FYI: In the mobile Facebook News Feed, our attention span is just 1.7 seconds. 


​What should not be missing, of course, is the logo. In this way, the potential applicant knows in the first second which company this job offer is about. 

image choice

Authentic and atmospheric company photos strengthen the company brand and convey the values. Photos published on social media spread a message and give the company a "face". This face should always be positive. The applicant can empathize with the company. Emotional ties play a major role in the search for employees.

Corporate Design

Kunden Case_Bilder_Smythstoys_ZeichenflÀche 1 Kopie 2.png

Create a lasting effect with a recognizable and eye-catching look. Smythstoys sets a good example here too.

  • Striking colors to match the corporate design

  • Font size very legible

  • Font style Bold

  • Contrasting colors

  • Adaptive design: The template is chosen so that almost any
    Image can be used as colored textbox on each
    Background is always easy to see

With kroot you always ensure a consistent and professional appearance. You have the possibility to integrate your desired design template into your kroot company account, which you can use for each of your job advertisements.

Special fonts, line spacing, colors, shapes, logos, etc. - there are no limits to your desired design! After a one-off integration, you can now place job advertisements quickly and easily according to your corporate design guidelines.


​Social media has not been a short-term trend for a long time

With 66 million social media users in Germany and an average daily stay of 2.5 hours per person, the potential to find the right candidates for your job offers is enormous.

The use of social networks to search for applicants should therefore be accessible to every company. A lack of time or a lack of know-how must no longer stand in the way and lead to missing the applicant potential of social media.


So get started today and post your job ad on social media:

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