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Social media recruiting – quick and easy with kroot

Are you looking for new and suitable employees for your company and would you like to use social media recruiting? Then our social media recruiting tool kroot is just right for you! With kroot you can create modern job advertisements or employer advertisements on Facebook and Instagram for your social media recruiting in no time at all, independently, like a professional social recruiting agency.  

Just a few years ago, newspaper ads were one of the best ways to find qualified employees for your business. But the world is constantly changing. As a result of digitization and technological advances, a lot takes place on the Internet today, including social media recruiting. Half of the world's population now uses social media. The trend is still rising, which makes social media recruiting particularly important.

You can reach generations Y and Z in particular, who grew up with the internet, with social media recruiting. Almost 90% of Gen Z are already using social media. Since these target groups are your future employees, it is important that you use social media recruiting. With us as a social recruiting agency, you have a perfect partner at your side to establish social media recruiting in your company. With our tool you can quickly and easily create job advertisements for Facebook or Instagram and reach many potential applicants. Your employer ads also benefit from the high reach of social media recruiting.


kroot vs. social recruiting agency 
Job advertisements for Facebook and Instagram

Compared to a social recruiting agency, with kroot you benefit from our intelligent algorithm, which calculates your optimal target group on the social networks based on your job title and a little additional information. With our tool for social media recruiting, you will achieve up to 30% more successful results when searching for suitable applicant candidates. With kroot you can create job advertisements in just a few minutes and publish them to your optimally calculated target group on social media. You do not need any previous knowledge for this. The job advertisement can be easily created with just a few clicks thanks to kroot's user-friendly interface. In addition, you or your company do not even need your own Facebook or Instagram account.

Because you can use our social media recruiting tool on your own, you don't need designers or copywriters. This saves your company a lot of time and budget. You can create an attractive job advertisement within 5 minutes using our tool. Thanks to our technology, you will receive high-quality job advertisements like from a social media recruiting professional.

All you have to do for your social media recruiting is enter some information in our tool. The information you need to fill in for social media recruiting includes:

| Industry       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-8d_cf58d

 | job title

| Employment type 

| location + radius

Our social media recruiting tool then uses this information to create the ad image, design, text and targeting for your job ad on Facebook or Instagram. In our editor, you can change the job advertisements according to your preferences and, if necessary, adapt the social media recruiting to your individual corporate design.


Social media recruiting and creating job advertisements for Facebook or Instagram becomes easy with our tools. All you have to do is decide how many potential applicants you want to reach with your social media recruiting on Facebook or Instagram. We have developed various packages with different ranges for our job advertisements in social media recruiting. kroot offers you the following job advertisements in social media recruiting: 


So that you can reach the right applicants with social media recruiting, we have developed intelligent fitting targeting for the job advertisements.

Create a social media job ad now and publish it to your optimal applicant target group!

Social media recruiting – the right applicants for your company

With professional social media recruiting, you can reach many potential applicants for your company and hire suitable employees. Your company will benefit from social media recruiting because kroot is a quick and easy way to find qualified employees.

In addition to the job advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, there are Employer Ads an important part of social media recruiting. Social media recruiting increases the awareness of your company and presents you as an interesting employer for many potential applicants. With an employer advertisement, you can reach passive applicant candidates as well as active applicants.

Social media recruiting through employer ads brings your company more qualitative applications for your company website. In addition, social media recruiting increases the awareness of your company, so that future applicants will also remember your company as an employer. With social media recruiting in the form of employer advertisements, you remain present for many potential employees, regardless of whether you are looking for specialist staff, trainees or working students.

kroot supports you like your own social media agency and helps you to set a monthly budget that is optimal for your company. We take your social media recruiting goals into account and determine the perfect reach with which you can reach the right applicants.

Social media recruiting – for efficient recruitment

Social media recruiting helps your company to make recruitment more efficient. With the simple social media recruiting by kroot, many potential applicants will become aware of your company and you can benefit from new and qualified employees in the company.

You can check the progress and success of your social media recruiting in our dashboard. With the dashboard you can always keep an eye on the reach and the current clicks of your job advertisements and employer advertisements in the social networks. You can find more tips for effective social media recruiting in our blog

With the technology of our social recruiting agency, the number of qualified and suitable applicants for your company increases. With our job ads and employer ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can achieve maximum success in social media recruiting.

If you have any further questions about social media recruiting or about job advertisements and employer advertisements, please feel free to contact us ContactRecord  . We are pleased that you can benefit from suitable applicants and hire new employees through our social media recruiting.


Julia Wojcik
kroot - Social Media Manager
Telephone: 0821 22829853

Any questions?
Our re-kroot Julia is at your disposal!

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