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Welcome to our kroot social media blog!


You are looking for the latest information, trends and tips on marketing and recruitment via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co.? Our social media blog keeps you up-to-date on social media marketing and recruiting. 

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Your social media media blog for recruiting

In our social media blog, we tell you what measures you can take to optimize the filling of vacancies in your company and how you can recruit qualified new employees in the shortest possible time who are 100% committed to your company values and the existing team fit. 


It doesn't matter whether it's a start-up, a medium-sized company or an international group; With the tool kroot, you can create job and employer ads completely independently, place them on social media and monitor them in order to optimize your KPIs in the long term. 📈 We would now like to tell you how this works, what content you can expect on our social media blog and the first important tips for your marketing & recruiting!

Social Media Blog: Always up to date on trends and developments

Digitization has been in full swing for years.  Social media in particular has really shot through the roof in the last 10 years and new social media trends seem to develop almost every day, especially in marketing and recruitment. 🚀 Based on current studies, we at kroot analyze these trends and introduce them to you on our social media blog.


To stay up to date and find out which social platforms are THE place-to-be right now, our social media blog tells you everything you need to know about reaching your target group and your marketing and recruiting on social media optimize media. Why key performance indicators (KPIs) play a major role and how these key figures influence your controlling and monitoring is an important part of our social media blog. 


Find out why KPIs should never be neglected in all current and future trends, and browse our kroot social media blog about marketing & recruiting to find out how you can implement all measures independently with a social media strategy. 💪 With the versatile tips on the kroot social media blog, you can improve your reach, strengthen your employer brand and make it easier to recruit new employees via social media.

Expert recruitment tips on our social media blog 

Even if we at kroot use our tools to focus on recruiting and increasing your reach in social media, there are many other ways to optimize your digital recruiting. By selecting suitable platforms such as online job exchanges, social business platforms - but also social media - you can reach your personal target group. How do we explain in our social media blog 🎯


On our social media blog we give you valuable tips with which you can reach not only active but also passive candidates and convince them of your company. We would also like to share with you on our social media blog how you actively approach potential applicants on social media and other channels; this is extremely important, especially for companies with strong competition.


Beside Social Media Recruitment  and so-called active sourcing, recruiting trends have developed, especially during the corona pandemic, which provide new challenges, but also perspectives when looking for a job - this is how recruiting and onboarding are becoming more and more common Completely digital.💻 You can find out what the HR department of a company needs for this on our blog for social media marketing & recruiting.


On our social media blog, you can also find out how you can make your team colorful and inclusive with diversity recruiting via social media, what you need to implement remote recruiting in a technically flawless manner, which measures strengthen your employer brand and much more. With our practical kroot tools, you have the opportunity to put all of our tips into practice directly and completely independently. 💪

Social Media Blog: Strengthen reach & employer brand with kroot

If you want to convince your employees, you shouldn’t just focus on your own customers and the marketing of the products or services to be sold. In order to fill vacancies particularly quickly with qualified employees, the quality and reach of your employer brand has top priority.👑 On our social media blog you can find out everything about the meaning of the so-called employee brand. 


In our social media blog you will also receive valuable tips and tricks on how you as an employer can assert yourself against the competition within the industry and how you can also communicate advantages for employees externally, for example via social media. Not only higher wages, but above all your values and the internal corporate culture are important pull factors that you should clearly express on your social media profiles and in job advertisements. 


If potential applicants can identify with you and your company and if you offer advantages over your competition such as diverse teams, internal networking opportunities, a very good atmosphere among colleagues and opportunities for further training and education, this can have a positive effect on your recruiting success affect. 🤩 You can also find out how you can establish these and other measures such as using our autonomous kroot tools in your company on our social media blog.

Social Media Blog: What can our social media recruiting tool kroot do?

A unique selling point of kroot is not only our professional tips, which you can find on our social media blog, but primarily our popular tool. With a simple app, it is no longer only possible for marketing and social recruiting experts to create professional job advertisements for social media. 


Without any previous knowledge, the kroot tool enables you to design and publish successful, wide-ranging and targeted job advertisements with just a few clicks, which reach up to 30,000 potential applicants on Facebook and Instagram. 😱 Based on geo- and demographic information, the type of employment and job category, your job advertisements will be played out exactly to your target group, so we avoid wastage and unnecessary costs. 


On our social media blog you can find out how our popular tool kroot works and what other advantages it has in store for you. For example, do you not need any job advertisements, but would you like to increase your reach as an employer? No problem! With the kroot employer ad, you can increase your reach and communicate the advantages of your company as a workplace on social media.


If you have any further questions about the topics in our social media blog, please feel free to contact us anytime Contact  to join us. 

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