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Social Media Recruiting: That's why it should be part of your recruiting strategy

Here you will find all the important information about social media recruiting. Find out which tips

and measures you can easily use the potential of social media for the search for employees without prior knowledge.  

March 31, 2021 | By Julia Wojcik 


Searching for employees via social media: That’s why it belongs in every recruiting process.
© Photo: Tracy Le Blanc/Pexels

Definition: What is Social Media Recruiting?

Social media recruiting includes all measures for a targeted search for employees on social networks. The most frequently used social media channels for recruiting include Facebook and Instagram, as well as the business network LinkedIn.

Social media recruiting includes different activities:

  • Employer branding:The overarching goal here is to build a strong employer brand in the long term. Similar to marketing (branding area), measures are used here to increase employer attractiveness and thus stand out positively from the competition.

  • Recruiting campaigns:In addition to your organic reach (people who already subscribe to your company page on the various social media channels), you can ensure even more attention and reach with paid reach. Paid contributions (social ads) can be published precisely to the right potential applicants with a certain budget. 

If you lack the know-how in this area or if you find it difficult to choose the right platform, there are elegant solutions for this.With kroot, paid job ads can be easily created and advertised in a targeted manner, even without marketing knowledge. Your ad will be ready in just 5 minutes and your target audience will be automatically calculated for you. All you have to do is enter the job title.

Intelligent job ads on Facebook & Instagram. Simply create it yourself with kroot and apply it in a targeted manner | © Video: kroot/Youtube

In the kroot dashboard you can track in real time how many potential applicants have already seen your job ad and how many have clicked on your job ad to find out more. You can easily test it

  • Active sourcing:Active sourcing is the targeted addressing of potential applicants with the aim of winning promising candidates for your own company.

The Benefits of Social Media Recruiting!

The use of social media when looking for employees has the advantage that the target group of applicants is picked up exactly where they are on the go every day.

Other advantages of social media recruiting:

  • Social media platforms offer a much larger number of potential addressees than any other medium. thestudy"Digital 2021"fromhootsuiterepresents the current user numbers on social media.


Social media users number worldwide in 2021. Source: "Digital 2021" study by hootsuite | © Photo: kroot

  • Social networks offer the best opportunity to reach a target group that das recruiting always neglected:PASSIVE TALENTS. Candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but can still imagine changing jobs if a good offer comes along. This includes approx.81% of the currently employed specialists. 

  • Thanks to sophisticated advertising options, it is possible to select very precisely which user group sees a recruiting ad.

  • Posting an ad like this is significantly less expensive compared to other recruitment avenues and can be tailored to fit any budget. This makes social media recruiting very attractive even for companies with limited resources.

Why do you integrate the search for applicants on social media in  your  recruiting strategy?

The unbeatable advantage of social networks is the enormous amount of data that is available through the users' social media profiles. In this way, the right applicant candidates can be reached in a very targeted manner with little wastage.

Social media recruiting offers numerous opportunities to find the right applicants. A large range can be generated in an active or passive manner. The use of social media on a private level will continue to progress in the future.  In particular, the employees of the future, Generation Y and Z, grew up in the digital age and have integrated digitization into their everyday lives.

Social media is no longer a short-term trend 

The use of social networks, mobile devices and the latest technologies is not a short-term trend and will therefore largely remain so in the future. In order not to get lost in the battle for the best employees, you too should jump on the moving train as soon as possible.

The intelligent online tool kroot offers you an easy start. With kroot you can get started right away and in just

5 minutes to create and advertise your own social media recruiting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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