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The market-leading tool for job ads on social media among +500 HR Teams 

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Your job ad on social media

The easiest way to find employees on social media.  


100% Geld-


Your job ad on social media


Create your job ad in just 3 minutes.
No need to have your own Facebook & Instagram account
Save time and money
Attract passive candidates who are willing to switch 


*100% Geld-zurück-Garantie 

With kroot you can create & publish a targeted job ad on social media in only
5 minutes.



*100% Geld-zurück-Garantie 

nS- kroot ablauf

Why HR teams use kroot:

New applicant target group


Intelligente Bewerber-zielgruppenberechnung. 




120% more affordable than agencies & comparable services


Improve the quality of your applicants.


Risikofrei qualifizierte Bewerber finden

Our customers us!



Simple and intuitive social media recruiting tool to post job ads via Facebook. Just a few clicks and minutes are enough to create a profile and publish your job ad. The team is young and super friendly!

Ann-Kathrin   /   HR management

Answer by kroot
Thank you for the 5 stars :)

*100% Geld-zurück-Garantie 

Choose your package and GO!

100% Geld-zurück-Garantie

Ideal for jobs that do not require any special training

Temporary jobs & €450 workers

Laufzeit: 2 Wochen

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Facebook           Instagram

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Reach up to10,000 potential applicants.

€389plus VAT.

Ideal for jobs that require special training/education

Ideal for jobs that require previous work experience

Laufzeit: 3 Wochen

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Facebook           Instagram

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40% higher chance of finding the candidate of your choice

Reach up to20,000 potential applicants.

€489 plus VAT.

For jobs that are difficult to fill

Specialists, Professionals

Laufzeit: 3 Wochen

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Facebook          Instagram

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70% higher chance of finding the candidate of your choice

Reach up to40,000 potential applicants.

€689plus VAT.

Individually tailored to your job offer:

Corporate Design


Corporate Design


+ more platforms

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Linkedin           TikTok

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Individual campaign

Do you have individual wishes? We offer customized packages.

On demand

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nS - Pakete
  • What does a job ad on Facebook or Instagram look like?
    Each job ad contains an ad image, a short description and a button that links to your desired page. Example of a job posting on Facebook:
  • What should you pay attention to when creating your job advertisement on Facebook and Instagram?
    - Little text in the image - Clear and short statements so that the applicant target group can see at a glance what it is about (which job offer, at which company, at which location) - Link to an applicant contact form (if you are interested, write to our Re-kroot-erin Julia
  • Do I need a dedicated Facebook Company Page to post a social media job ad through kroot?
    No. If you don't have your own Facebook Company Page, the job posting will be posted on the kroot Company Page.
  • Are the costs for the coverage packages (job advertisement S-L) the actual costs or are there additional costs?
    Yes, this is the actual cost. If you book the job advertisements via our online tool, there are no additional costs. The prices are net.
  • Who are the 10,000-30,000 potential applicants? How is the applicant target group narrowed down?
    Kroot automatically calculates your target group based on the information you entered when creating the job ad, such as job title, geographic information, category and employment type. I.e. the ad will then only be shown to people who might be interested in your job offer. The basis for this is the surfing behavior, the interests, etc. of the Facebook and/or Instagram users.
  • What is the difference between a job advertisement and an employer advertisement?
    Job Ad: A job ad runs for two to three weeks. In the case of a kroot job advertisement, a job offer is explicitly published at a selected location, to your optimally calculated target group. Employer advertisement: An employer advertisement is published over a longer period of at least 4 months. In this case, you are not applying directly for a job, but are applying generally as an employer in your region. With this ad, you specifically address potential applicant candidates on Facebook & Instagram whose professional skills match your company. This allows you to reach active seekers and, above all, passive candidates. The aim is to increase your awareness in the long term and, thanks to your long-term presence, to stay in the minds of your target group of applicants. This will make you the first point of contact for future applicants in your region.
  • I have a job offer for multiple locations. What number of plays do you recommend for me?
    Basically, we recommend one kroot job advertisement per job posting & location . Only one location (+ radius) can be selected for a job advertisement that you create and publish via kroot.
  • How large should the radius in which my job advertisement is published be?
    The radius should be between 15-40 km. Depending on the range package, we recommend the following Area: Job advertisement S: When choosing the smallest range package, we recommend a radius of 15 to 20 km. Job advertisement M: When choosing our medium-range package, we recommend a radius of 20 to 30 km Job advertisement L: The job advertisement L includes the largest coverage package, in this case we recommend a radius of 30-40 km. Exception: At a location with a small number of inhabitants, we recommend increasing the above-mentioned radius by 30%.
  • When will my job advertisement be online on my chosen social media channels?
    Your job advertisement will be automatically activated upon receipt of payment. The ad is online 24 hours after activation (receipt of payment) on Facebook and/or Instagram. As soon as the job advertisement is activated, it comes under review. This can take up to 24 hours, so the job advertisement only goes online 24 hours after activation on your chosen social media channels.
  • Can I change job advertisements that are already active?
    You cannot change your job posting afterwards. In urgent cases, please contact Julia ( Julia can also make subsequent adjustments for you.
  • Where and how can I find my job advertisement on Facebook or Instagram?
    The job advertisement does not appear like an organic post in your Facebook or Instagram feed or on kroot's feed, but only appears in the selected target group of applicants. The ad thus runs in the background and cannot be found via the search. The whole thing is called “dark ad” in marketing jargon. You can access your job ad directly on Facebook and/or Instagram via a link. In this case, please contact our Re-kroot-erin Julia ( In your personal kroot dashboard, you can see your job ads together and track in real time how many potential applicants have already seen your job ad and how many of them clicked to get more information about the job offer.
  • How does the applicant make contact or how does he get more information about the position?
    The job advertisement contains a button that leads to your desired target URL. This can be, for example, your website, your career page, a contact form, etc. You can insert the link at the following location in the tool: Our recommendation: A kroot applicant contact form! There is an information overload on social networks. Therefore, the effort and information for interested parties should be kept as low as possible. With a contact form, we keep the barrier for the applicant candidates very low compared to an application and thus ensure a lower bounce rate. Candidates have the opportunity to leave their contact details in less than a minute. This increases the chances of a successful applicant search. We offer you the opportunity to create an individual applicant contact form for you free of charge. If you are interested, please contact Julia (
  • How can employees be recruited via social media?
    After selecting the appropriate social media channels, the company's appearance should be set up and clear communication should take place. With the help of paid job advertisements, you search very specifically for suitable applicant candidates and thus increase the chances of a successful applicant search! If you don't have any experience in social media recruiting, there are intelligent tools like kroot that offer you support in the creation and targeted distribution of job advertisements on social networks.
  • What are the advantages of using social media platforms for job hunting?
    You can reach your target group of applicants on social networks exactly where they are on the go every day. With 86.5 percent active social media users in Germany, the potential for finding suitable applicants is huge. Social media is a gathering place for active searchers and candidates willing to change jobs. 50% of employees are diversified! You are not actively looking for a job, you want to be found. You can therefore not be reached on the classic job portals such as Stepstone, Indeed & Co.!
  • Which social media channels are best for recruiting?
    Popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook work best. Facebook and Instagram are among the top 5 social media channels with the highest number of users worldwide. This is where the greatest potential is hidden. Social media platforms such as TikTok or Snapchat are very popular with the younger generation. These are well suited for the search for trainees. In addition, career platforms such as LinkedIn or XING are also a good channel for searching for applicants for certain professional groups.
  • Where are applicants most likely to look for jobs?
    On career platforms, job exchanges, social media and also on the company website. So mostly online.

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