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This is how you succeed in employer branding on social media

Many companies use employer branding on social media to recruit new employees. But the social networks are just as well suited to presenting one's own company as an attractive employer. XING and LinkedIn have been used by companies for a long time. In the meantime, however, the use of Facebook and Instagram has also become attractive for companies. But how can you also operate a successful employer branding on social media? Which social media network is right for your business? Tell us your goals so we can advise you on the best way to proceed. You will also receive enough tips to ensure that your employer branding on social media is successful.


This is why employer branding on social media is so important

Publishing a job advertisement in a print edition is no longer sufficient these days. After all, qualified employees will no longer smash your door once you have spotted an ad in the newspaper. More and more companies are having difficulties finding suitable employees. With employer branding on social media, you can present your company in a particularly attractive way and thus find the right applicants. After all, employees who work long-term in a company contribute to the success of the company. Social employer branding is therefore a future of the working world!

Employer branding on social media: Which network makes the most sense?

In order for your employer branding to be successful on social media, you have to choose the right network. There are career networks such as XING or LinkedIn. These networks are often used to establish professional contacts. However, career networks are not the right channel for searching for applicants in every industry.  In addition to career networks, there are social media channels that immediately come to mind when we look atSocial Media Recruitmentthink.


Since Facebook is still one of the most popular networks with around 31 million active users, it is worth investing your time in this social network. Create a page for your company and always be present. Finally, Facebook is free and can help you make a positive impression on applicants.


Instagram is more of a fast-moving platform on which you can ideally present your everyday work. With employer branding on social media, you can also reach the young target group in this case, because just over 70 percent of users are under 35 years of age. But that's not always easy. If you take a closer look at the social network Instagram, you will notice that topics such as food, lifestyle, beauty or fitness mainly fill the feed. However, with the right approach, your company will also fit into this feed.


If you want to reach young talents, you should not do without TikTok. Potential trainees, working students and young professionals are busy on TikTok. But in order to build successful employer branding on social media and especially on TikTok, you have to understand how this social media channel works and, above all, how "Gen Z" ticks. TikTok is slowly arriving more and more in recruiting. Therefore, it is important to jump on the moving train quickly. Build your employer branding on social media, be one step ahead of your competition and solve your future recruitment concerns.Learn moreabout how to successfully build your social employer branding on TikTok.


Youtube is a video platform that addresses all sorts of topics. Employer branding on social media also makes a lot of sense in this case if you have the right strategy. Get feedback from your employees to analyze the behavior of your target group on Youtube. Only with a detailed analysis can you develop a suitable strategy to present your company attractively. Place your own ad on Youtube and build your own channel. Once you have done that, it not only contributes positively to employer branding on social media, but also to overall brand awareness. Now gladlyabout usinform!

Tips for successful employer branding on social media

In order for your employer branding to work on social media, you must clearly define your goals and your target group. Who do you want to address and with what goal? A suitable strategy can help to present yourself in such a way that you attract the attention of a specific target group of applicants.


Social networks offer a great opportunity to get in touch with your own target group of applicants and to interact with them. Talk about topics that are close to your heart. The only important thing is that you carefully review your contribution before posting it. How is your company positioned? Does the post reflect your company's values?


In addition to choosing the right platform, you also need to set up your career page if you want to do successful employer branding on social media. Fill your page regularly with content so that your employer branding on social media is successful. Create content that specifically addresses potential applicants. If you publish all the necessary information about your company, you will appear transparent and at the same time attractive to potential applicants. But above all, integrate call-to-actions like an applicant contact form. Make it as easy as possible for your applicant target group to get in touch with you.


Employer branding on social media can be very successful if you know your target group and understand your approach. Who could better understand your applicant target group than your own employees? It is therefore advisable to use them for the social network.


You must not neglect authenticity and creativity. Take with usContactif you have further questions about employer branding on social media or if you want to publish a job advertisement on one of the social networks. We help you with all questions about social employer branding. nowkrootto contact!


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