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TikTok Recruiting: How to use the platform properly

TikTok recruiting via a video platform? Is that possible? More and more companies see potential in this social network. You have probably heard of the TikTok platform. After all, the platform has around 150 million active users every day. But not all generations are on the TikTok platform, which is why you have to consider a few things when recruiting for TikTok. With this article you can quickly find out whether TikTok recruiting is also worthwhile for your company. How can you use the platform to run successful TikTok recruiting? And which risks do you have to avoid so that you don't damage your employer brand? We clarify these and many other questions here so that you can use TikTok as a new recruiting option. 


Tiktok made easy

More and more companies are now looking for new ways of attracting new employees to their company. Countless factors ensure that recruiting new employees is made more difficult. It is therefore very important that companies look for new channels. Choose new recruiting channels carefully. After all, you are looking for employees who belong to a specific target group. TikTok is a social media app where users post videos. Users have the ability to record, upload and view short videos no longer than five minutes. In addition, the videos can be enhanced with effects and filters. 

Not so long ago, users could only post 15-second videos. Frequently, users upload videos with lip syncs. Many topics are now covered in the app. Upload comedy, sports, beauty or prank videos to boost your TikTok recruiting. Since TikTok is particularly popular with young people, the target group is between 14 and 24 years old. With TikTok recruiting, an attempt is made to attract schoolchildren and students in particular to his company. Are you looking for employees who are about to graduate? With TikTok Recruiting you can motivate students for an apprenticeship in your company. But students can also be inspired to work as a student via TikTok.  

This is how TikTok recruiting works properly

If you want to be successful in TikTok recruiting, you should act as creatively as possible. Use your creativity, because that can make the search and addressing of potential applicants much easier. If you are looking for a young target group for your company, TikTok Recruiting is the perfect opportunity. Keep an eye on trends so you can act on them quickly. Be reliable, otherwise your company can quickly come across as ridiculous to users. With the right hashtags, you can reach a specific target group with your uploaded video. The hashtag #lovemyjob is particularly popular on TikTok. Use this hashtag to give users a little insight into the position to be filled. 


Videos that are spontaneous and funny are also very well received by users. It is important that you can use your videos to make it clear to users that you are an attractive employer. Convince the young target group by using yourtraineesmake the videos. After all, they are the ones who know best about the issues of the younger generation. Your trainees know what is currently popular and can keep up with trends much better. 


kroot offers you the opportunity to set up your TikTok recruiting professionally without any prior knowledge. Get advice and learn more about how to reach the right candidate candidates on TikTok and successfully fill your vacancies.  

TikTok recruiting: You should avoid these risks

Problems can arise with TikTok recruiting that you should definitely avoid. It is important that you deal with the TikTok app in detail in advance. Nothing is worse than making a faux pas that could harm your business. Above all, data protection must be taken into account if you use TikTok for your recruiting. Also explain to your employees and trainees what is permitted and what is not in relation to data protection. The companies in the app often appear untrustworthy. It is therefore important not only to do "nonsense", but also to create serious videos from time to time. Let our TikTok experts advise you:

Tips for TikTok recruiting

So that you too can be successful in TikTok recruiting, we give you a few important tips. Before using TikTok for your business, you need to do extensive research. Which channels and hashtags are suitable for you as a company? It's also worth taking a look at competing companies. TikTok thrives on trends. Since trends can change very quickly these days, it's especially important that you post to your channel in real time. Nothing is worse than publishing a post on topics that are long gone. Always use the same name for your company on social networks. This way you will be found faster and easier on all networks. 


If you publish videos for your TikTok recruiting, make sure that no sensitive data can be seen in the background. It is also extremely important that you speak the language of the young audience. Adjust your content accordingly. However, be careful not to miss the mark if the videos deviate too far from the company's image. Take with usContactif you have further questions about TikTok recruiting. 


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