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Find the right employees with Instagram Recruiting

Creativity is extremely important nowadays if you want to find the right applicants for an open position in your company. Instagram recruiting is a good solution if you want to find young employees. But Instagram is not only useful when you are looking for new employees. With this social network you can also build up an attractive employer brand. The more creative you are, the more likely it is that young applicants will notice you. In order to win young talents for their own company, more and more companies are breaking new ground. Instagram recruiting has now become standard in many companies. Finally, you can use Instagram to give potential applicants interesting insights into your day-to-day work. 

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you and help you set up a professional Instagram recruiting presence  

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Instagram recruiting made easy


Actually, Instagram was intended as an app for private individuals. But more and more companies have also created an account toBenefits of the social networkto use. Communication on Instagram takes place via images and videos. Accordingly, you can present your company visually and convince users of your brand. Since most users under the age of 35 use the Instagram app, you will primarily reach the young target group with your posts. 


With the right marketing strategy, you can easily achieve your personal goals. Instagram gives you a lot of freedom for creativity. Whether personal insights or the presentation of different positions, convey your company philosophy via Instagram. Inform your community if you are looking for new employees and publish current job advertisements. Super old and existing products, events, etc. can also be advertised via Instagram. 

Instagram Recruiting: Warum HR Teams kroot nutzen

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This is how successful Instagram recruiting works

Instagram recruiting can only be successful if you develop a suitable strategy. After all, Instagram is not a business platform like Xing, for example. Instagram users want to be entertained. Of course, Instagram offers the option of creating paid ads. But these often appear very striking. Instagram recruiting is therefore only successful if you get creative. You can also stand out from the crowd with creative Instagram recruiting, because more and more employers are using the platform to find employees for their own company. Make your Instagram recruiting as creative as possible to increase the likelihood that well-trained employees will apply for an open position in your company. 


But Instagram doesn't just offer a way to do Instagram recruiting. Equally important is the look of your posts. Attractive imagery and a consistent style can work wonders and attract more and more users to your profile. The quality of a post is also crucial, because ideally users will have a good impression of your company the first time they scroll through your feed. 


Let our design experts advise you now. We create your optimal corporate design for your Instagram recruiting. Once entered into your kroot account, you can use kroot to quickly and easily create articles in your individual design. This is how you turn your Instagram recruiting into a successful tool for your employee search.  


Last but not least, we'll tell you which posting formats are best for youInstagram recruitingshould use. Create regular feed posts to create a digital showcase for your business. Finally, the posts are permanent and are the first thing users see on your business profile. 


Another way to attract the attention of potential applicants is through Instagram stories. Use the 15-second video sequences for your Instagram recruiting and record spontaneous impulses, exciting excerpts from your everyday work or a speech to the users for your followers.  


Create Instagram reels and cut short films about your business. Here you can give your creativity free rein. Use the live function for your Instagram recruiting and invite your followers to communicate directly. Decide on a specific topic in advance so that users can come up with questions if necessary. The live function allows you to engage and interact directly with your community. Since live streams can also be saved in the feed, they also serve as a source of information for new followers. Other useful features include guides and shopping. If you want to find out more, please get in touch, our Instagram recruiting experts will be happy to advise you.  


Zu guter Letzt verraten wir Ihnen, welche Posting-Formate Sie am besten für Instagram Recruiting nutzen sollten:


Feedbeiträge: Erstellen Sie regelmäßig Feed-Posts, um ein digitales Aushängeschild Ihres Unternehmens zu erstellen. Schließlich bleiben die Beiträge dauerhaft erhalten und sind das erste, was die Nutzer auf Ihrem Unternehmensprofil sehen. 


Stories: Eine weitere Möglichkeit, potenzielle Bewerber auf sich aufmerksam zu machen, sind Instagram-Stories. Nutzen Sie die 15-sekündigen Videosequenzen für Ihr Instagram Recruiting und halten Sie für Ihre Follower spontane Impulse, spannende Ausschnitte aus Ihrem Arbeitsalltag oder eine Ansprache an die Nutzer fest.  


Reels: Erstellen Sie Instagram-Reels und schneiden Sie kurze Filme über Ihr Unternehmen. Hier können Sie Ihrer Kreativität freien Raum lassen.


Live: Nutzen Sie die Live-Funktion für Ihr Instagram Recruiting und laden Sie Ihre Follower zur direkten Kommunikation ein. Legen Sie im Voraus ein bestimmtes Thema fest, sodass die Nutzer sich eventuell Fragen ausdenken können. Über die Live-Funktion können Sie sich direkt mit Ihrer Community auseinandersetzen und interagieren. Da Live-Streams auch im Feed gespeichert werden können, dienen sie auch als Informationsquelle für neue Follower. Weitere nützliche Funktionen sind Guides und Shopping. Sie wollen mehr erfahren, nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt auf, unsere Instagram Recruiting Experten beraten Sie gerne.  

Tips for Instagram recruiting

Strategize and set your goals when recruiting for Instagram. Determine a few factors such as goals, responsible persons, budget and desired employees. Answer the questions: What do you want to achieve with your Instagram profile? Who should be the recruiter responsible for looking after your Instagram presence? What is your budget to achieve your predetermined goal? Which target group do you want to reach with your company website? Once you have answered these questions in detail, you can start creating a content plan. Start with Instagram recruiting and think about how regularly you want to post. You should also think about what content you publish on your company page.  


In order to reach as many users as possible, we recommend that you post one post every day and at least four times a week. Develop your own formats that shape your Instagram channel. Present positions in your company regularly, conduct interviews with your employees once a week or set a motto day such as Interview Wednesday. Publish your vacancies regularly. Use kroot to publish your job advertisements to get a high-quality and wide range of potential applicants. kroot calculates your optimal applicant target group and reaches exactly the right candidates.

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