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All important information about image, format, target group and costs.

Create a job ad on Facebook.
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Using an example, we will show you how to correctly format job advertisements on Facebook and what tip you can use to publish them to the right applicant target group. Learn what to consider when designing a job ad on Facebook: image, format, audience, and cost.

09 June 2021 | By Julia Wojcik 

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Facebook job ad: All information about creation & publication
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Why are Facebook and other social networks interesting as a recruiting channel at all?

The traditional ways of posting a job offer and waiting for people to come to you are a thing of the past in most industries.

More and more people tend to increase time upSocial media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & spend. The young generation in particular spends so much time on these platforms that it becomes almost impossible to reach them in any other way.

Post job ads on Facebook and Instagram like a pro with just a few clicks with kroot. 


Social media gives you the kind of connection you need to reach out to the future workers generation in particular. theGeneration Y and Zis used to working with digital platforms and computers. They are very versatile and easily adapt to new technologies and ideas. You use your social media profiles every day to talk to your contacts, find out about interesting topics and find out more about what friends and acquaintances are doing. Placing your vacancy between each post is the perfect way to reach young workers and spark their interest. 


Read our post"Social Media Recruiting: That's why it should be part of your recruiting strategy"more about the advantages of social media recruiting.  

How is a Facebook job ad structured?

A Facebook post usually consists of an image or video, a short text and a button that links to your desired URL. The information overload on social media is great and the attention span is therefore very low at less than 3 seconds per post. For this reason, it is important to attract the attention of the target group with your job advertisement!

  • The principle “less is more” applies.

  • The picture should not be packed with a lot of information. A photo with a small text box and the company logo are sufficient. The 1x1 image format (1000x1000 pixels) works on Facebook and Instagram. 

  • The text should be short and concise and contain all relevant information at a glance.

Important:The information should not be repeated. For example, if you have already noted the job title in the image, you do not need to mention it again in the text.

Here is an example of a Facebook job ad:

BLOG_3_Mockup Facebook Anzeige-02.png

kroot Example Social Media Job Ad | © Photo: kroot

How do you publish your job ad to the right target group of applicants?

To do this, we must first clarify what the difference is between a paid and an unpaid oneJob posting on Facebookis.

  • Unpaid job posting on Facebook

With an unpaid job ad, you can reach more people who have subscribed to your company page or marked it with a "Like". As a rule, the reach of unpaid job advertisements is very limited.​

  • Paid job posting on Facebook

A paid or advertised job ad, on the other hand, reaches a much larger applicant audience. 

You determine a target group with the type of people who fit your job offer. Depending on the size of your budget, you will reach more or fewer potential applicants accordingly.

Here is an example for better understanding:

Your company maintains a page on Facebook. 1,000 people have subscribed to your business page. You post a job ad on your Facebook timeline (unpaid). In this scenario, you reach your 1,000 subscribers. However, it is unclear how many people are actually interested in your job offer, since you have no precise information (interests, surfing behavior, etc.) about your subscribers. 

When you post a job aboutkrootpublish, you can reach around 10,000 people with the smallest reach package. Compared to the above example, you will reach 10 times the number of potential applicants.

Another advantage is that the 10,000 people are selected based on interests and surfing behavior. For example, if you are looking for a Marketing Manager (m/f/d), your ad will only be shown to people who match this job offer. 

Our tip,how you can independently apply job advertisements to the right candidates:

With ourSocial media recruiting tool krootyou have the opportunity to advertise job ads on Facebook with just a few clicks. The intelligent target group technology fromkroot enables you to select your target group of applicants very specifically and to filter them based on interests and surfing behavior.

You don't need any previous marketing knowledge, designers or copywriters for all of this. Withkroot generate individually designed ads for social media super easily at the push of a button.

How much does a job posting on Facebook cost?

You can find a price list on kroot, divided into three coverage packages. With the smallest package, you can reach around 10,000 potential applicants. The advertisement is usually shown to a person up to three times (30,000 impressions). The costs for the smallest package are 249 euros net.


Here you can see a list of the three range packages fromkroot


kroot Range package prices  | © Photo: kroot

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