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Tips and ideas for a simple job search online.

Employee search: How to find the right employees with passive candidates

Learn more about why passive candidates are an important part of recruiting and how you can use one simple tool to find new employees online.

06 May 2021 | By Julia Wojcik 


Hiring: Why recruiters should invest more in passive candidates.
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The search for suitable applicants has repeatedly proven to be a major challenge for many companies. Personnel managers therefore constantly ask themselves the question:How do I find the right employees?In order to find the right candidates, new ideas are always required when searching for applicants. HR managers often overlook an essential element in the development of your recruiting strategy: passive applicant candidates.

Passive candidates: Untapped potential when looking for employees

Passive talentsare a target group that repeatedly neglects recruiting. Unlike active candidates, passive candidates are not consciously looking for a job. Nevertheless, they are available on the labor market because they are basically ready for a job change.
Interest in a new job lies dormant in them and just needs to be awakened. In the following sections you will find out which strategy you can use to arouse the interest of this target group and draw attention to yourself as an attractive employer.

That's why you should integrate passive candidates into your applicant search

Of these, the vast majority of employees can imagine changing jobs. According to thestudyrecruitment insightsby Stepstone81% of 30,000 surveyed specialists and executives from Germany can imagine changing jobs. Enormous potential, which is often completely neglected when looking for applicants.


If you reach not only active but also passive candidates with your recruiting measures, you will increase the sum of your potential applicants many times over.

Only about 5% of employable people are actually actively looking for a new job. 95% in Germany already have a job.


81% passive applicant candidates. © Photo:

That's why you should integrate passive candidates into your applicant search

The above 81% of workers who are ready for a job change are not actively looking for a new job. That is why they cannot be reached via traditional job exchanges such as Stepstone, Indeed, Monster & Co.

How do you reach these candidates? Exactly where you are on the road every day, namely on the social networks. On average, Germans (16 to 64 years) spend dailyapprox. 1.5 hours on social media.

Number of social media users in Germany in 2021. Source: "Digital 2021" study by hootsuite | © Photo: kroot


Social networks have become an integral part of private use. The number of social media users in Germany is66 million people(approx. 83 million inhabitants in Germany).

Generation Z (born after 1995), the “employees of the future”, is even a generation that is said to be “NEVER OFFLINE”. A life without smartphones and social media is unthinkable for them.

More reasons why social media is important when looking for employees!

The large amount of detailed information from social media users opens up a way for recruiters to reach exactly the right applicant target group. Your applicant target group can be precisely defined based on interests and surfing behavior. In this way, wastage is avoided and only those candidates are reached who are most likely to be interested in your job offer.

With their high number of users, social networks offer an enormous reach and create the basis for companies to disseminate job offers with a wide reach – more so than any other recruitment channel. They offer the best conditions to find the right employees and to stand out from the competition as an attractive employer brand. With an increased presence on social networks, you will stay in the minds of potential applicants and become the first point of contact for qualified candidates in your region.


Bottom line isSocial Media Recruitmentis an extremely effective way to attract qualified candidates and get them to apply for your open positions. Therefore, social media recruiting should be part of every recruiting strategy.

It's that easy: ideas and tips for finding employees
on social media.

Our tip:If you have not yet had any experience with social media recruiting, there are helpful tools that will do the work for you and provide helpful ideas.


The social media recruiting toolkroot offers you the ideal opportunity to advertise vacancies quickly and easily on social networks. The intelligent algorithm calculates your optimal applicant target group. Based on interests and surfing behaviorkroot specifically determine which target persons match your job offer. In this way, wastage is avoided and exactly those candidates are reached who are most likely to be interested in your job offer.

Generated to match the job offerkrootan ad image and text suitable for social media. All you have to provide is the job title and your search area. Your ad is ready in just 5 minutes and you can start looking for new applicants straight away.


Get started now and create a job ad!

Personnel advertising is a promising way of searching for applicants on social networks. In other words: You advertise a post about your job offer to the appropriate target group of applicants. A post on the social networks consisting of image and text. The goal is to make the right candidates aware of your job offer without the person actively looking for it.


kroot Example Social Media Job Ad | © Photo: kroot

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