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Search and find employees in 2022

Recruiting Trends 2022: Relevant developments and trends in the new year

The search for staff remains disproportionate this year. Lots of job offers and not enough skilled workers. Recruiters and hiring managers must therefore continue to stay current and continuously adapt their strategies in order to be successful in the search for new employees. whichrecruitment trendsemerging this year, we take a closer look in this post.


The focus in 2022 is clearly on thatInflux of new generations into the workforceand the resulting measures and technological developments.

January 18, 2022 | By Julia Wojcik 


Recruiting Trends 2022 - How to find the right employees. 
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The young generation is changing the way we find and retain applicants! Find out which developments will continue to gain momentum in the new year and which trends you have to keep up with in order to score points with the younger generation as an attractive employer.

Generation Y & Z – How are these generations changing the way we find and retain applicants?

The two youngest generations Y and Z are now entering the labor market in large numbers. If you want to be successful in your hiring efforts in 2022, you need to understand generational differences and address them accordingly.

Generation Z

Tech-savvy and always online, impatient and demanding, health-conscious and environmentally conscious – these are the characteristics that describe Generation Z.


Generation Z is the generation born between 1995 and 2010. This part of society makes up 25% of the population and their expectations of employers are very different from those of previous generations. If you want to get a head start in your industry, it's time to think about how you can meet the expectations of Gen Z in the workforce.


If you want to attract Gen Z employees in 2022 and nonetrendwant to miss, you will find helpful ones hereTips for implementation:

Mobile working

A recent study by Deloitte found that Gen Z has high expectations of the workplace. She would like to be able to work from anywhere and not have to travel long distances. She also expects her employer to offer learning and development opportunities as well as flexible working hours.

Social Media & Mobile Recruiting

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. More than half of Generation Z only use the internet on their mobile phones. Use social media. Almost 90% of Generation Z uses social media. If you are not active there, your employer brand will suffer greatly.


Do you have no experience in social media recruiting? There are smart tools like kroot that can help you create and target job ads on social media.


Recruiting Trends 2022 - Social Media Recruiting - Post job ads on Facebook & Instagram.
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With kroot, you can create a professional job advertisement with just a few clicks and publish it to your appropriate target group of applicants on social networks.


With the help of intelligent targeting technology, kroot calculates your suitable applicant target group. Test it yourself and create your job advertisement on social media now without obligation:

Generation "impatient and demanding"

Make the application process quick and easy. If it takes more than one click or something needs to be downloaded, the young applicant target group won't do it! They expect an application to take no more than a click and that their resume can be submitted from a mobile device or computer without having to download anything or fill out lengthy forms. Therefore:

  • Please stayup to date.

  • Lower barriers and bounce rates by using theMinimize application effort(more on this below).

  • Customize yoursprocesses to expectationsthe Z'ler on.

  • Use new onestechnologiesin the form of helpful tools and platforms.


Recruitment Technology: Chatbots

Recruitment technology is evolving rapidly. As technology-savvy and up-to-date as Generation Z is, they certainly don't miss a thingtrend. Recruiters must therefore stay up to date with the latest tools and platforms in order not to get lost in the battle for young up-and-coming talent!

In 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a bigger role in recruitment. Chatbots are used to identify qualified candidates.

Automation and AI mean more efficiency. Recruiters will use more processes in 2022 than in the previous year through automation and AI software. The most popular tools are automated texting and chatbots. 51% state that their company already uses chatbots in the recruitment process.


Applicant candidates thus have the opportunity to ask questions to the chatbot and receive a quick and reliable answer. This prevents an employee in the HR department from having to set aside extra time for this. This saves time and at the same time improves the candidate experience. So it's a clear win-win situation.


Many large companies even go so far as to use the chatbot to conduct conversations with candidates who already have the character of a job interview. Of course, complex and self-learning chatbots are absolutely necessary for such a project.

Compared to the classic job interview, the inhibition threshold for applicants may also decrease, for example asking for specific information on salary, home office options or benefits such as a company laptop.

Generation Y

The first digital natives with excellent digital skills - a generation that attaches great importance to their personal development with great self-confidence and a desire for self-realization.


Generation Y (employees born between 1981 and 1995) is currently the largest generation on the labor market in terms of numbers. However, companies are also finding out through strategic people analytics that this generation unfortunately also leads most of the statistics of unwanted terminations. The most common reason: lack of prospects.


This means that companies can no longer just focus on convincing and hiring young employees, but above all on binding them to their company in the long term. As a company, get ready for the Employee Centricity approach.

employee centricity

Employee centricity means that employers need to focus more on the needs and experiences of employees in the workplace. People-centric solutions, a strong employee lifecycle, and a focus on maximizing employee engagement - all topics that are still uncharted territory for too many organizations.


If you want to find and keep good employees in 2022, you need to make sure they have a positive experience at work and in your company.


Candidate experience will become more important and companies will place more emphasis on:


Positive application experience

In 2022, recruiters will have to integrate leaner and, above all, digital application processes in order to win candidates (m/f/d).


As already mentioned, chatbots are a helpful option to make the application process easier for both sides. However, there are other numerous tools and apps that greatly improve the search for qualified applicants for recruiters as well as for the applicants. An app for job seekers that allows applicants to upload their CVs directly from smartphones or tablets to company databases.  A tool calledkroot, with which recruiters can create social media job advertisements in just a few minutes and publish them to the appropriate applicant target group. The job advertisements contain a link to aapplicantform. Potential candidates can use this to show their interest in the job offer by entering their data with little effort and asking for feedback. No time-consuming application, just storing the contact details. This simple application form reduces the bounce rate of potential applicants by more than 50%.


Recruiting Trends 2022 - Social Media Recruiting - kroot contact form 
© Photo: kroot GmbH

Remote hiring (remote recruitment), supported by video interviews and digital feedback collection - this is today's more efficient and faster hiring. If the hiring process (time-to-hire) takes too long, you run the risk of losing qualified applicants along the way. Have soSurveys show that 62 percent of all candidates are less interested in a job,if the invitation to an interview takes more than ten working days.


According to theLinkedIn Study "Future of Recruiting"81% of recruiters globally believe virtual recruitment will continue post-pandemic. 70% of respondents say remote recruiting will become the new norm.

More flexible work arrangements

The increasing number ofgigworker means flexible working arrangements are likely to become more common. Unlike in most classic professions, this concept allows greater freedom and self-determination.


For young people in particular, the gig economy is an attractive model for being independent and trying out different jobs. This is a trend that should benefit both employers and employees. Ultimately, access to specialized, highly skilled gigworkers means companies can easily commission one-off tasks and projects. In the US and Europe, 20-30% are already doing gig working.


The trend shows that it is becoming increasingly important to incorporate more flexibility into everyday work - even for permanent employees. Agile working methods are the ideal answer to the generation's desire for personal responsibility and self-determination. Digital companies in particular have long been demonstrating how successfully agile teams work together.


Make working hours in your company more flexible – away from 9-to-5 thinking, towards trust-based working hours and offers such as job sharing. More people will be interested in job-sharing options, where two employees share a full-time position.


The home office will also remain the norm in 2022. Take it up a notch and enable work from anywhere, as remote working opportunities are sure to increase in the new year. Another way to bind the younger generation to you: offer sabbaticals!


Diversity – more varied skills

A global study by the Swiss HR consultancy Egon Zehnder shows that diversity is the most important criterion for millennials (Generation Y) when choosing an employer. Two-thirds of those surveyed who were born in the 1980s and 90s name diversity as the most important characteristic when choosing their employer.


An on-demand approach (Gigworker) is also great for more diversity and inclusion. By transitioning to and hiring through remote recruiting 2022 solutions, you can build a workforce that is absolutely diverse in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, and skills.


Another development we are seeing is that recruitment is becoming more and more international. More and more companies are looking for employees from other countries. One reason is that companies can open up new markets as a result. Another reason is that it allows them to find workers with specific skills that may be difficult to find in their own country.

training and development

The talents of Generation Y want to continuously develop and learn new things. For companies, "life-long learning" must not remain a buzzword. With digital development journeys that are individually tailored to employees and compact on-demand learning content with which employees can quickly familiarize themselves with new topics, they keep Gen Y in the company longer.


If their job profile is too monotonous, they will look for a new challenge. You should therefore be given the opportunity to work on different projects or to work completely project-based according to agile working methods - this way you won't get bored.

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