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Successful trainee search in 2022!

This is how you find the right trainees for your company

Training 2022- The search for new trainees starts again! The starting position for companies: rather difficult! Too few applicants face a large number of training positions. In order to find suitable trainees and win them over, you have to draw everyone's attention and score points in the highly competitive trainee market. 

In this article you will find out what expectations young people have of their training companies, how and where you can find suitable trainees and which means you can use to get more young people excited about your company.

December 27, 2021 | By Julia Wojcik 

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Trainee search: The search for trainees in 2022.
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What expectations do young people have of your training company?

If you want to survive in the battle for trainees, you have to adapt to the needs of the trainees and know their wishes.


In times of Corona, conservative values are increasingly coming to the fore. Above all, the topics of security and the future have gained enormous importance for most young people.NoisyTrainee report 2021 want more than 2/3 of those questionedtraineesa secure job for their future. In addition to a high level of job security, trainees also hope for a good work-life balance (62%) and job satisfaction (67%). 

Our tip on how you can meet the expectations of potential trainees:  

Offer security and future prospects: Score points with additional further training opportunities in the form of courses or further training (foreign language courses, programming training, courses on topics such as communication skills, critical ability or negotiation skills, etc.). Communicate opportunities for advancement to higher positions and good salary prospects. These are all points that are important to trainees, as they determine their further life plans. Talk to your trainees in good time about post-training positions, ideally also about a guarantee of being taken on, so that they have security and don't even have to look elsewhere.


Nice co-workers are an important factor, which is certainly worth morejoy at workcares. A pleasant working atmosphere should therefore also receive special attention in the job interview. You can also use digital opportunities such as social networks and get insights into everyday work at regular intervals. Introduce the team, be sure to stay authentic here. 


Apprentices also want onework-life balance. Provide impulses for extra-occupational sporting activities, for example as part of organized running clubs, activities in the fitness studio, or offer, for example, recurring events such as after-work drinks or dinners.

How do you find suitable trainees? 

  • Fast beats slow 

  • Offer preferred ways for an application

  • involve parents

  • Advertise in the right places

Fast beats slow! 

Start looking for new trainees in good time. NoisyTrainee report 2021 38% of trainees start looking for a suitable position around 6-12 months before the start of their training. 26% even start their search more than a year before the start of their training. 


The speed of the entire application process is also an important factor for a successful trainee search. A survey has shown that 37% started their training with the company that first gave them the promise. 


It is best not to wait longer than a week with your personal response to an application. Long waiting times can lead to an early termination of the application by the applicant. 

Offer preferred ways for an application!

The postal route is less popular with Generation Z. Every second student prefers to apply directly using the online form on the employer's company website. Every third party prefers to apply via e-mail. Only one in seven prefers to apply on paper. 


In times of podcasts, TikTok and Snapchat, you would think that Generation Z would prefer new ways of applying. But video applications continue to play a subordinate role for young people.

Advertise in the right places.

An appealing career website that is intuitive to use and answers the young people's most important questions is a must. In addition, classic job advertisements on online portals are no longer sufficient these days. You must increasingly approach young people and arouse interest in your training positions. At best, you do that where you spend your free time anyway: on social media! You can find out which channels are best suited for your trainee search in the last section. 

Get parents involved! 

The path to young people also leads through their parents. They still have a say when it comes to their children's professional future. Earn parental trust and support. You can also reach parents on social networks with suitable trainee ads. You can find out more about this in the last section. 

Which channelsmake sense for the trainee search?

Our employees of the future (Generation Z) in particular grew up in the digital age and have integrated digitization into their everyday lives. These include above allOnline media and social networks. How can you optimally use the channels to search for suitable trainees? 


alonePlatform Facebookis used by more than 1.93 billion people today to get all the information relevant to them. An enormous range that this platform offers for the search for suitable applicants and trainees. 


The unbeatable advantage of social networks is the large amount of data that is available through the users' social media profiles. As a result, the right candidate candidates can use a

Job (advertising) ad can be reached very specifically according to criteria such as place of residence, interests or surfing behavior. 

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Facebook job ads weare integrated into the flow of information displayed to users when they visit Facebook. By placing advertisements in a targeted manner, you can reach a large number of users at low cost and thus attract a lot of attention with little wastage. If you use the filter option in a targeted manner, your Facebook job ad will only be shown to candidates who may be interested in your job offer and who come from your desired region. This increases the likelihood that the target person will click on your job offer.

Now you're probably asking yourself the question: hasn't Facebook become unpopular with the younger generation? Yes, you're right! But remember the above point"Involve the parents!". The parents are very well on Facebook. Therefore, an apprenticeship advertisement on Facebook, along with other social media channels, definitely makes sense in order to draw parents' attention to your apprenticeship positions and to convince them of your offer.  

Example: Facebook job ad. 
© Photo: kroot GmbH

Instagram and Tiktokon the other hand, are channels on which Generation Z spends a large part of their free time. Therefore, these channels should also be considered when looking for trainees! 


With social media recruitingtool kroot place professional trainee ads on Facebook and Instagram with just a few clicks. You don't need any prior knowledge. Your ad is ready and online in just 5 minutes. Due to the intelligent targeting technology, your optimal trainee target group is calculated automatically. Have a look and test it yourself:

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